New Redfall Trailer Sets Up the Game's Story

Redfall from Bethesda and Xbox has tons of loot and vampires to slay, sure, but what is the game actually about beyond killing the undead and collecting their goods? To better explain what Redfall is about and to give an idea of what players will be doing in the Xbox and Windows PC exclusive when it releases in May and why they'll be doing it, Xbox and Bethesda put out a story trailer for Redfall. The trailer features splices of cinematics and some gameplay alongside the helpful narration that better sets up the story for the new Xbox game.

That trailer in question can be seen below if you're intrigued in Redfall's concept but want to know more about the game's story. The short version is that you're on the island of Redfall where a nefarious company has given way to these vampiric creatures that players will be fighting. That's the general setup, but Bethesda and developer Arkane are of course being coy with the specifics, for now.

"There's a lot more to the charming island of Redfall than meets the eye," a preview of the new Redfall game said. "The scientists at Aevum HQ have been working on something world-shattering. People are going missing; there are dead bodies and blood everywhere; the sun has been eclipsed; and vampires rule the town. Were the vampires just an experiment gone horribly wrong or something far more disturbing? Who are the vampire gods? The only thing to know for sure is that everything is going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better."

Redfall was revealed to be an Xbox (and PC) exclusive back in 2021 which makes sense considering how it's made by Arkane which is owned by Bethesda and therefore owned by Xbox. Alongside Starfield, it's been the subject of many exclusivity discussions amid the ongoing deliberations regarding Microsoft's proposed acquisition of Activision.

Redfall will release on May 2nd as a console exclusive for the Xbox platform and will also be available on PC. It'll be a day-one release on Xbox Game Pass, too, if you're subscribed there.