GameStop: Former Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime to Leave Board of Directors

While many might still be looking to board the rocket ship that has been GameStop over the past [...]

While many might still be looking to board the rocket ship that has been GameStop over the past few months, one of the most prominent faces attached to the company is now looking to get off. Reggie Fils-Aime, who is most well-known as the previous President at Nintendo of America, is going to be departing from GameStop's board of directors within the coming months.

GameStop announced recently in an SEC filing that it expects a number of its current board members to leave the company this summer. Alongside seven others, Fils-Aime was said to be retiring from his role as a director on the board when GameStop holds is 2021 Annual Meeting. This event is set to take place in June of this year, meaning that Fils-Aime's absence will become official at that time.

While Fils-Aime didn't have a massive stake in the direction that GameStop as a company has taken in recent months, it is a bit surprising to see him leave. For those who many not remember, Fils-Aime only joined on at GameStop last summer, meaning that his tenure as a board member only lasted for about one year.

That being said, Fils-Aime isn't the only person who is currently leaving at GameStop. The world-renowned video game retailer is in the midst of quite a bit of turnover. Not only are the aforementioned seven other board members leaving with Fils-Aime in June, but it was also recently revealed just a few days back that GameStop's CCO Frank Hamlin would be stepping away from the corporation at the end of the month. While not outright stated, GameStop said that Hamlin was leaving for a "good reason" and would be given a severance of a little more than $2 million on the way out the door.

Even though Fils-Aime himself might be "retired", he will surely continue to remain relevant in the video game industry. Since departing from Nintendo, the beloved executive has kept on popping up in various places whether it be on a podcast talking about his experience in the industry, or on a board of directors much like what transpired here with GameStop. Although he may not be as active as he once was, Fils-Aime's name is one we'll likely keep hearing about in the future.