Report: Could Animal Crossing Be Announced For Nintendo Switch At E3?


Nintendo more than likely has a number of surprises lined up for its Nintendo Direct special during the week of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. But one of those surprises could very well be the return of a much-beloved franchise, this time for Nintendo Switch.

The most recent issue of Boys Life magazine has made a suggestion as to what games Nintendo would be showcasing at the big event this year, and while there are certain titles that were missing – like the leaked Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle game that Ubisoft is working on – one game that was mentioned was Animal Crossing.

As you can see in the page from the magazine, it lists a number of already revealed titles for the system, including Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2, as well as hints for not only a new Animal Crossing game, but also a new Pikmin game as well.

That said, the mention of the franchise is a little vague. After all, an Animal Crossing game is confirmed for the mobile front sometime later this year, and a new Pikmin game is coming to Nintendo 3DS. So, for all we know, it’s pointing out those titles and not necessarily new games for the Nintendo Switch.


Again, though, Nintendo has been known to reveal surprises during its E3 showcase, like it did a couple of years ago with Star Fox Zero coming out of nowhere, and other great releases of that type. So the possibility is there that we could be paying a visit back to Animal Crossing on the platform sooner rather than later, along with other game franchises like the much-wanted Super Smash Bros. port.

We’ll have to see what Nintendo reveals in just a few weeks’ time, just before the big show takes place, as the company’s Internet broadcast will take place on Tuesday morning right before it starts. Of course, it’d be great to see it at the company’s booth as well, especially in playable form. We’ll see what the big show brings in just a few weeks.

Oh, and while we’re at it…how about a new F-Zero?