Resident Evil 2’s HD Remake May Be Coming A Lot Sooner Than You Think

Way back in the early-2000s, Capcom remade the original PlayStation Resident Evil for the Nintendo [...]

(Photo: Capcom)

Way back in the early-2000s, Capcom remade the original PlayStation Resident Evil for the Nintendo Gamecube, and the results were very, very good — really, it's still the gold standard for video game remakes. Ever since then, Resident Evil fans have been clamoring for Capcom to continue on and remake Resident Evil 2, and for 13 years, Capcom ignored us. Finally, in late 2015, Capcom announced Resident Evil 2 would be getting the full remake treatment, and in the following two years we've heard…absolutely nothing. No trailers, screenshots, or even the vaguest of details.

So, what's up? Is the Resident Evil 2 remake in trouble? Or, pardon the pun, dead? Thankfully, not! Capcom producer (and programmer for the first two RE games) Hiroyuki Kobayashi recently spoke to Collider about the upcoming CGI movie Resident Evil: Vendetta, but he also dropped a juicy morsel about Resident Evil 2.

When asked about the future of the Resident Evil games, Kobayashi had this to say…

"The only thing I can tell you is about something that's already out in the public. Resident Evil 2, a remade version of the game, will be out from Capcom soon."

Of course, "soon" is open to interpretation, but until now I wasn't expecting the game to arrive even remotely soon. Much like the struggling Final Fantasy VII Remake, I had resigned myself to waiting until 2019 or 2020. Instead, it seems like we may be seeing the RE2 remake within the year. I mean, you wouldn't describe something more than a year away as "soon," would you?

It should be noted Resident Evil 2 came out on the original PlayStation on January 19, 1998, so an early-2018 20th anniversary release could make sense. To add fuel to the fire, HD versions of the Resident Evil remake and Resident Evil Zero were also released in January. This is purely guess work, but it kinda adds up, doesn't it?

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