Resident Evil 8 Reportedly Has 3 Playable Protagonists

Resident Evil 8 reportedly has not one, not two, but three playable protagonists, including Ethan from Resident Evil 7, who will apparently be the protagonist for the bulk of the game. The report comes way of prominent industry insider and Resident Evil leaker Dusk Golem, who recently took to Twitter to share some juicy tidbits about the heavily-rumored survival-horror game, which is reportedly going to be revealed very soon.

According to the insider, Ethan, the protagonist of the aforementioned Resident Evil 7, the latest mainline entry, is the main protagonist, and will be the playable protagonist for about 50 to 60 percent of the game. Meanwhile, there's a secondary protagonist who will be the playable protagonist for about 30 to 40 percent of the game. Dusk Golem doesn't say who this character is, but there's a good chance this is the female protagonist we heard about the other week.

Meanwhile, there's also apparently a third protagonist who will make up about 10 percent of the game. Like the secondary protagonist, no further details are shared on this one, but judging off the above-linked leak, you may be able to figure out who it is. The insider also notes that all three characters will play a bit differently.

Unfortunately, this is where the salient (and alleged) details dry up. Further, while the source has proven reliable in the past, nothing here is official. And at the time of publishing, Capcom has not commented on the report in any capacity, leaving Resident Evil fans with nothing but speculation and crossed fingers.


Resident Evil 8 has not been officially announced, but it's expected to be in development for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. It's also allegedly releasing sometime next year.

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