Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Revealed by Netflix

Netflix, or more specifically, Netflix Portugal, has revealed a new Resident Evil movie coming in [...]

Netflix, or more specifically, Netflix Portugal, has revealed a new Resident Evil movie coming in 2021. More specifically, Netflix has revealed Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, a new CG movie that seemingly stars Resident Evil 2 protagonists Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy. Unfortunately, the trailer is vague and only reveals a few characters, plus a 2021 window. Further, none of the other Netflix channels have posted the trailer yet, suggesting that Netflix Portugal has made a mistake and pushed the trailer live ahead of schedule.

Given the nature of the reveal, details are currently very scarce. In fact, they are non-existent. However, what we do know if that this is not the live-action TV series that Netflix announced earlier this year.

Below, you can check out the trailer for yourself. However, it's important to note it will likely be taken down very quickly if this is indeed a mistake. If that happens, we will update the story with a mirror as quickly as possible

At the moment of publishing, Netflix hasn't commented on the new trailer. However, if it does, we will be sure to provide whatever comment is provided. Further, if any details are shared about the movie, they will be added to the story.

As mentioned, earlier this year -- more specifically in August -- Netflix confirmed that it was teaming up with Capcom for a live-action TV series. For now, there's no word of when that will release, but you can read everything we know about the show by clicking right here.

Capcom's growing partnership with Netflix is just one marker of the resurgence of Resident Evil, which has gotten three new games in the last four years, and is getting a brand new mainline installment next year in the form of Resident Evil Village, which conveniently just revealed new gameplay and details yesterday during Tokyo Game Show.

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