Resident Evil Village Breaks Steam, Twitch Records

Resident Evil Village's sales numbers and other figures like that will likely be touted next week or so once Capcom tallies the results and is able to brag about the game, but for now, we know that the new Resident Evil title has already broken records on both Steam and Twitch. The game has set new highs for the franchise on both platforms with more viewers on Twitch watching the game at one time than any other previous Resident Evil games while the concurrent players on Steam similarly set a franchise peak.

That information comes from Steam Database which tracks the numbers for new releases on Steam including how well they're doing on Twitch. For Village, we can see that it's already reached an all-time peak of 101,726 players active at one time. Resident Evil 7, by comparison, peaked at 20,449 players on Steam years ago when it launched.

The numbers on Twitch tell a similar story. While Twitch has grown significantly over the years and attracted more viewers, you'd think more people would be interested in watching Resident Evil 7 given that it was a new venture for the franchise while Village is the sequel. However, Village still blew 7 out of the water in that category. Resident Evil 7 boasted 224,481 Twitch viewers on January 23rd, the day that the game was starting to release in some regions, but Village has already bested that number by amassing 658,703 Twitch viewers.

In comparison to everything else that's popular on Twitch right now, Village currently comes in at No. 4 in the ranking of the categories with the most followers. It's beaten only by some expected contenders who regularly keep the top spots: League of Legends which always puts up big numbers and also has a global esports event going now, Just Chatting which is a mainstay in the top three, and Fortnite, another heavy hitter.


Whether you're playing Village yourself or watching others to get ready to play sometime soon, we've got you covered on most tips and tricks you'll need to survive the game. We've also got a breakdown of all the weapons you'll find in your first playthrough and how they can be yours so that you don't miss anything. As always, you can check out our review of the game to see if our impressions line up with yours.