Knives Out Director Rian Johnson Trolls Fans With Pokemon Go Picture

Director Rian Johnson trolled fans from the set of Knives Out 2 with a perfect Pokemon Go picture. [...]

Director Rian Johnson trolled fans from the set of Knives Out 2 with a perfect Pokemon Go picture. Johnson is currently filming the sequel to his popular mystery movie Knives Out, which stars Daniel Craig as the detective Benoit Blanc. Johnson has shared periodic pictures from the set on Twitter, but his latest photo might take the cake. While filming an early morning scene, Johnson shared a "set picture" that was actually a screenshot from his Pokemon Go account.

Johnson is an avid Pokemon Go player, as seen by his status as a Level 42 player. Pokemon Go originally capped players at Level 40, but in recent months increased the Level Cap to Level 50. In order to reach Level 42, Johnson had to accumulate 33 million XP and complete special tasks like catch 200 Pokemon in a day and win 30 raids. Johnson also has Noibat as his Buddy Pokemon, which likely means he's generating Candies to eventually evolve it into Noivern.

Johnson's fandom of Pokemon Go also led him to direct a commercial for the game during the COVID-19 pandemic. "Pokemon Go has kept me engaged with my friends remotely as I've been practicing physical distancing these past few months," said Johnson when he made the cartoon. "As a longtime Pokemon trainer, it was a real pleasure working with Niantic on this spot." Basically, Johnson is the real deal when it comes to Pokemon Go.

In addition to Craig, the unnamed Knives Out sequel will star Dave Bautista, Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., Kate Hudson, Madelyne Cline, and Jessica Henwick. Netflix reportedly paid more than $400 million for two sequels to Knives Out, which released back in 2019 to widespread acclaim. The first Knives Out also earned three Academy Award nominations.

No release date or title has been announced for the Knives Out sequel, but the movie will be available on Netflix.