Saints Row Aiming to Be The Next "Insane Movie Franchise"

Not only is a new Saints Row game in development over at Volition and THQ Nordic, but there's a [...]

Not only is a new Saints Row game in development over at Volition and THQ Nordic, but there's a Saints Row movie in the works from writer Greg Russo, the pen behind the upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot, as well as the new Resident Evil and FEAR movies. That said, like the new installment in the video game series, we haven't heard much about the movie. However, the aforementioned writer did recently tease fans looking forward to the film, suggesting there's plans not only to make it into a franchise, but the "next insane film franchise."

"Had a great writing session yesterday with the master, F. Gary Gray," said Russo while interacting with a Saints Row fan asking about an update on the movie. "We want to make Saints the next insane film franchise. LOT of love going into this. Hopefully more news's a good time to be a Saints fan.

As you can see, Russo teases that there will -- hopefully -- be more news soon. Now, "soon" is pretty vague, but it does suggest we could hear more about the movie this year. As you may know, it was first announced last April, and is in development at Gray's Fenix Studios, Occupant Entertainment, and Koch Media. Meanwhile, it's being directed by Straight Outta Compton director F. Gary Gray, who seems like the perfect fit to bring the franchise to the big screen.

As you may remember, back in August, we had the opportunity to speak to Russo about the upcoming movie. At the time, he noted it will be similar in tone to the Kingsman.

"Well I am also adapting Saints Row. Talking about crazy off the wall. That is going to, we are going to outer ... No, not literally outer space," said Russo while talking to Comicbook's Adam Barnhardt. "Talk about crazy off the wall, we're going nuts with that one. So that's going to be a blast. I think like all of the like weird meets Escape from New York, you know with the tone of like Kingsman. It's going to be fun."

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