Red Dead Online's Future Finally Addressed by Rockstar Games

The future of Red Dead Redemption 2's online mode, Red Dead Online, has been addressed by Rockstar Games after a lengthy amount of time filled with confusion, doubts from fans, and frustration. Red Dead Online hasn't received much significant content in the last year or two, which has filled many fans of the game with sadness. It's a much more roleplay-heavy version of GTA Online within the world of Red Dead and many fans saw lots of potential for it. Given its GTA counterpart has received many years of updates with things like heists, nightclubs, and more, many feel like Red Dead Online has been neglected. This led to an online campaign called "Save Red Dead Online", and sadly, it doesn't look like it's going to get the big return that some fans are hoping for.

In a press release, Rockstar Games addressed the future of Red Dead Online by stating that it has been "steadily moving more development resources towards the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series" over the past few years which has led to changes in how Red Dead Online is being supported. The game will still receive changes and enhancements, but those will be the focus as opposed to "delivering major themed content updates" that the game has seen in previous years. Whatever the case may be, Rockstar affirms that it will build upon the existing content in Red Dead Online, but it doesn't sound like there will be anything quite as grand as heists coming in the future.

"Alongside seasonal special events and experience improvements — plus other changes to enhance and maintain a healthy Red Dead Online environment — we plan to build upon existing modes and add new Telegram Missions this year, rather than delivering major themed content updates like in previous years, and we will continue to highlight and share the creative efforts of our Red Dead community at every opportunity via the Newswire and beyond."

As of right now, Rockstar Games is knee-deep in the next Grand Theft Auto game and will likely be for the foreseeable future. While there is some new content on the way for GTA Online, it's a much bigger and more popular game that has only been propped up further by the recent Xbox Series X and PS5 versions. Whether Red Dead Online returns in a grand fashion one day remains to be seen.

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