Red Dead Redemption 2 Fans Celebrate "Death" of Red Dead Online

Red Dead Redemption 2 fans are celebrating the death of Red Dead Online. July 13 will be the one-year anniversary since the last meaningful Red Dead Online update. In that time, GTA Online has gotten more than one substantial update, including one of its biggest and best to date. Late last year through the early parts of this year, "Save Red Dead Online" has trended on Twitter several times. That's how bad it's gotten for Red Dead Online players, and it's only getting worse.

Today, Rockstar Games announced a new weekly update for Red Dead Online, and it's another nothing-burger update comprised of bonuses and discounts. Of course, Rockstar Games could be preparing a big surprise for closer to the anniversary. That said, right now, fans aren't very hopeful. You may save they have lost faith.

Ahead of the anniversary, players are planning on attending an in-game funeral "to celebrate one year of Red Dead Online being abandoned." The event organizers suggest you come with your best funeral attire and of course use those hashtags. In other words, we could be looking at the next "Save Red Dead Online."

While it's unlikely every player, or even most players, will be attending this "funeral" for the game, everyone on Twitter right now seems to agree that the game is dead. And some fans are even threatening to boycott future releases from Rockstar Games over the matter.

"Ye bois... Red Dead Online has reached peak levels of dead... GTA Online will receive a new update while you guys still get a month-long event after one whole year," writes one fan of the news. "So Rockstar killed Red Dead Online, I think I'm not gonna play their current online games nor their future ones, even GTA VI Online, hell, I can't even trust them supporting GTA VI in the long term, I'm not repeating the same mistake


As you would expect, Rockstar Games has not acknowledged or addressed any of this backlash. It did eventually respond to the Save Red Dead Online campaign by name, but it took months and months of pressure. So, unless this "funeral" gets real big, it's highly unlikely it will influence Rockstar Games into addressing the current state of the game and what is and isn't coming in the future.