Secretlab Announces Game of Thrones Iron Anniversary Edition Chair

Game of Thrones fans may recall that Secretlab launched years ago a series of gaming chairs modeled after the TV show’s most popular houses. The Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen houses were all represented with each chair featuring the families’ sigils and color schemes mirroring the ones the houses used. This year, Secretlab is adding one more chair to its Game of Thrones collection with the release of the Game of Thrones Iron Anniversary Edition chair that’s meant to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the show’s premiere.

Secretlab announced the release of the chair on Tuesday and showed off its design that features a mostly black color scheme with a design stitched into it that resembles the Iron Throne itself, the seat which Game of Thrones broadly revolved around. It has the Secretlab logo on the top of both sides of the chair with the show’s name and “The Iron Anniversary” stitched right below the Secretlab logo in the center of the chair.

Secretlab Game of Thrones Iron Anniversary Edition (main)
(Photo: Secretlab)

On the shoulders of the chair and near the front of the seat, you’ll see swords and other weapons stitched into the sides to resemble the look of the Iron Throne where weapons would normally protrude out to the side of whoever is sitting in the chair. On the back is the larger Iron Throne design that features more weaponry.

Unlike the other chairs from before which featured specific houses, Secretlab said this chair it created with Warner Bros. is meant to be “House-agnostic” for those who “do not pledge loyalty to any of the Great Houses.” If you watched Game of Thrones all the way through, you probably had a favorite house regardless, but if they’re not represented in the Secretlab collection or you just want a more universal look, the Iron Throne edition looks to be the solution.

Like other Secretlab chairs, the Iron Throne Anniversary Edition will be sold in both the Omega and the Titan variants. The Omega has a more bucket-like seat with a lumbar pillow and is better suited for those who prefer a tighter fit while the Titan has a flat base and a built-in lumbar support feature for a roomier experience. Special edition Omega chairs typically go for $389 while the larger Titan versions go for $429.

Secretlab is also offering an Iron Anniversary Edition lumbar pillow alongside the new chair. The pillow itself is house-agnostic in a way, too, and features not one but several houses with the houses Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, Baratheon and Tyrell all represented. It’s sold separately from the chair, however, but that means those who’ve already got a Game of Thrones chair can easily complement their seat with the new pillow.


Secretlab’s new Game of Thrones chair can be seen through the company’s site in its Game of Thrones collection.

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