Secretlab Announces New Ruination Collection of League of Legends Chairs

Secretlab has launched a new collection of League of Legends-themed chairs featuring three [...]

Secretlab has launched a new collection of League of Legends-themed chairs featuring three champions intertwined with the ongoing Sentinels of Light event. The three champions chosen to be displayed on these chairs are Pyke, Viego, and Miss Fortune with Viegot being at the center of the larger Ruination lore event going on within the League of Legends universe. All three different variants of the chairs are now available to pre-order in different sizes depending on what kind of chair you're looking for.

The three different League chairs Secretlab's now selling can be seen below with each of them featuring unique colors and graphics befitting the champions they're meant to represent. Pyke's is mostly b lack with a dagger on the front and part of his face on the back, Miss Fortune's is red, black, white, and gold with guns on the front and smoke on the back, and Viego's is mostly black and gold with the Ruined King's symbol on the back and the Blade of the Ruined King on the front.

Each of the chairs can be viewed through Secretlab's site and are available in the Small, Regular, and XL variants of the Titan Evo chair. The designs are only applicable with the hybrid leatherette fabric, so that'll be your only option there. Given that these are special edition crossover chairs, the Small is priced at $459, the Regular is $479, and the XL is $529.

While these chairs are indeed new additions to the growing League of Legends collection Secretlab boasts, they're also the first collaborations the company's announced following the launch of the new 2022 Series chairs. The Titan Evo in its various sizes makes up the entirety of the 2022 Series this year with different fabrics and graphic designs available just as we saw from the 2020 Omega and Titan chairs. You can still get the older League of Legends designs and other special edition variants on the Titan Evo if you'd prefer one of those like the ones for Yasuo, Ahri, or the K/DA group.

Ahead of the launch of the 2022 series of chairs, was able to test out the new Titan Evo. The chair offers significant improvements over the 2020 Series and has only become more appreciated after continued use since our review went up.

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