League of Legends Reveals New Sentinel Event Skins

League of Legends’ new Sentinels of Light event is almost here, and ahead of its arrival, we’ve gotten a look at a couple of new skins coming to the game soon. Three new Sentinel skins are being added with Ruined and Unbound skins revealed, too. All of the skins are heading to the PBE first for testing as they typically do before they’re released on the live servers at some point during the Sentinels of Light event.

The new skins revealed on Tuesday feature five different cosmetics in total. There’s Sentinel Rengar, Sentinel Pyke, Sentinel Graves, Unbound Thresh, and Ruined Miss Fortune to look forward to within the next few weeks. These all expand on the skins already revealed for both the Ruined and Sentinel sides of the new event and the expansion of League’s lore to show who’s fighting on which side of Riot Games’ take on the dark vs. light storyline.

As is the case with most skin arrivals on the PBE, Riot offered a preview of the five new cosmetics through the videos above. No Prestige Edition skins were included in this week’s lineup, so you’ll be able to purchase these outright if you want them without having to worry about having enough of some ultra-premium currency to afford them.

Riot’s been teasing its new Sentinels of Light event heavily throughout all of the different League-related games the studios makes, not just League itself. The event is canon to the stories of Runeterra and features the threat of the creeping Black Mist that’s been progressing towards this event. You can go as far back as Senna being trapped by Thresh and probably even further still to trace the Shadow Isles stories this event pertains to, but the teases and foreshadowing first heavily came into play whenever Viego was released and continued with Gwen afterwards.

Unrelated to the chapters of the event itself but still worth remembering is that a new game mode will soon be added to League when the event starts. It’s called “Ultimate Spellbook,” and it allows players to add the ultimate ability of another champion to their loadout by sacrificing only a Summoner Spell. It’ll be released alongside the start of the event itself with full details on everything Sentinels of Light-related expected to come soon before the event is officially underway.