Silent Hill 2 Remake Rumored to Be in the Works for PS5

A new rumor has suggested that a full-blown remake of Silent Hill 2, which is likely the most beloved entry in Konami's survival-horror series, will be coming to PlayStation 5. In recent days, there have been a ton of new leaks, rumors, and reports associated with the Silent Hill series. One of these leaks in question happened to feature new images from an upcoming Silent Hill title. After these images appeared online, they were quickly removed due to a copyright strike, seemingly proving their legitimacy. Now, with all of this noise circling the franchise, it seems like we could know what Konami is working on.

According to a video game insider that goes by the name NateTheHate, Konami has partnered with Bloober Team to develop a remake of Silent Hill 2. Bloober Team has previously worked on a number of other horror titles in the past including Blair Witch, Layers of Fear, and The Medium. In addition, Nate claims that this remake will feature new endings and updated puzzles. Lastly, it will be a timed exclusive for PlayStation, which lines up with another report that we have heard recently. 

So how likely is this new rumor associated with Silent Hill? Well, there's definitely some information here that sounds feasible. For starters, we've heard in a couple of different reports over the past year that Bloober Team would be working on a new Silent Hill game with Konami. Although it was unknown that this game would be a remake of SH2, that now sounds like it could be the case. In addition, previous rumors have also linked Konami and PlayStation together. As such, what has been laid out here in this new rumor makes a lot of sense. 

It's worth noting that, as Nate himself has stressed, this rumor should be taken with a grain of salt for the time being. Even though there has been a lot of commotion with Silent Hill lately, it's hard to know if any of this will prove to be accurate just yet. Hopefully, though, with so many major gaming events taking place in the coming month, we'll end up hearing something from Konami directly before long. 

How do you feel about Bloober Team potentially being tapped to remake Silent Hill 2? Is this something that moves the needle for you at all? Let me know your own reaction either down in the comments or on Twitter at @MooreMan12.