New Silent Hill Has "Really Strong Chance" of Being a PS5 Exclusive, Says Insider

The next Silent Hill could be exclusive to PlayStation 5, according to a gaming insider. Gamers have been demanding a new Silent Hill for roughly a decade now, especially after the series took a bit of a nosedive in quality with the last few entries. Acclaimed game developer and Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima was going to redefine Silent Hill with a new game which was teased via a demo called PT. The demo is still regarded as one of the scariest games of all time and left many dying to see what Kojima was going to conjure up, but sadly the game was canceled and Kojima walked away from Konami.

It doesn't seem like all hope is lost, however. Screenshots and new details of a new Silent Hill game reportedly leaked earlier this week and to add to their legitimacy, they were taken down with a copyright strike. It has been reported that Konami took these down, but that can't be said with 100% certainty. Nevertheless, coming off the heels of this leak, journalist Jeff Grubb stated that there is a "really strong chance" that the next Silent Hill game is exclusive to PlayStation 5. This is something that has been rumored and speculated for a while, which has only recently gained more traction after developer Bloober Team entered into an agreement with Sony in April. Bloober Team also made a partnership with Konami in 2021 and is believed to be working on the next Silent Hill, but nothing has been confirmed. Of course, as always, take this with a grain of salt as a new Silent Hill has yet to be announced so anything could change.

It's heavily rumored that there are multiple Silent Hill games in the works, likely from different developers, but all we have are rumors at the moment. It's unknown when we will actually begin to see and hear more about a future Silent Hill game, if one even exists. For now, we'll just have to strap our tinfoil hats on very tight and keep hoping that Konami will come through and give us the game we have been waiting for.

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