Silent Hill Website Domain Now on Sale for Just $10,000

You can own for just $10,000, because, for whatever reason, Konami has let the web [...]

You can own for just $10,000, because, for whatever reason, Konami has let the web domain go on sale, because, you know, Silent Hill is dead and Konami is doing its best to forget it ever existed. Interestingly, the site has been available since the summer, but only recently did the Internet discover the available domain. Of course, Konami has no interest in owning the domain, because why would it? So, if you want, you can cop it for just $9,835 USD, which is pretty cheap for such a domain. And if in some strange future Konami decides to make money off the classic horror series, you could probably sell it back to the Japanese company for a neat profit.

Now, it's worth pointing out the domain has been dead for awhile. Konami hasn't used the website in years. So, it's not very surprising to see that it doesn't care that anyone's brother's sister's father could buy the website and sit on it.

Again, nothing Konami has done or said recently suggests it has any plans to do anything with Silent Hill, which hasn't been touched since Kojima's Silent Hill game was cancelled. That said, speaking of Kojima, a dubious rumor did recently surface on Reddit claiming that Kojima and Konami are in talks to rekindle a working relationship in order for the former to revive his Silent Hill game. There's nothing backing this rumor up, so there's no reason to believe it, but hey, at this point, I'm sure Silent Hill fans will take whatever lifeline they can get. In fact, the only way I could imagine this being true is if Sony is involved and is trying to acquire the rights to the IP, which I'm sure Konami would be willing to sell at the right price. I suppose Sony could license the rights to the IP as well, but I'd imagine it would rather own it outright if it was going to revive it in the first place.

Anyway, for now you'll have to excuse me as I go withdraw $10,000 I don't have from my bank account.

Thanks, RelyonHorror.