Skull and Bones Reveal Rumored to Happen Soon

Ubisoft's Skull and Bones game may finally be getting another reveal within the next week or so, assuming new rumors are accurate. If so, this next reveal would be the first time in a long time that we've seen anything about the game in an official capacity (so not counting leaks) after Ubisoft went dark on the game while working on it. Skull and Bones does not currently have a release date, though perhaps that'll change at whatever potential reveal is planned.

The latest rumor about Skull and Bones comes from Tom Henderson via Try Hard Guides. This reveal from Ubisoft is supposedly going to happen during the week of July 4th, and while Henderson's sources were fuzzy on what might be revealed there, a release date is at least expected alongside some gameplay. The game was recently rated by different ratings boards which sometimes indicates a release date announcement is indeed coming soon, so perhaps we will actually get that during this next reveal.

Ubisoft's games are often prone to leaks that reveal details ahead of schedule, and Skull and Bones has been no exception. It doesn't help either that it's been in development for so long with multiple reboots reportedly happening within Ubisoft Singapore, too.

Over the past couple of weeks, Ubisoft itself has been teasing off and on that it would have more to show soon. Signups were opened at one point to give people a chance to play Skull and Bones early, though the results of those tests haven't been talked about publicly (at least not in an official capacity). When a relatively sizable leak revealed several minutes of gameplay from Skull and Bones, Ubisoft responded in a way that acknowledged the leak and hinted that more would be coming soon. That was back in April, however, so it's unclear if a potential reveal got pushed back to the rumored July timeframe given how long it's been between that tease and now.

Ubisoft has not yet officially announced any Skull and Bones events or a release date for the pirate game.