Skull and Bones Rating May Hint at a Release Date Announcement

Ubisoft's Skull and Bones still does not yet have a release date, but that may very well be changing soon now that the game's gotten a new rating from one of the big classification boards. The game's shown up on South Korea's Game Rating and Administration Committee site, and while only the PC version of the game was mentioned, these ratings tend to point to imminent announcements with release dates hopefully not far behind.

The listing in question was spotted by Twitter user @the_marmolade (via VGC) who frequently grabs these sorts of ratings from the classification sites as they're added there. This one again didn't have any details about the game that people didn't already know or would otherwise care about, but the fact that it's even gotten a rating at all is the important part here.

That rating can be seen here with the South Korean board showing that the rating as made public on May 12th.

If this rating does indeed indicate that we're getting an announcement soon, perhaps about a release date, it may finally put an end to the long wait for Skull and Bones that's been ongoing for years now. The development of the game has been marked by multiple delays, reports trying to decipher just what was going on within Ubisoft Singapore, and, more recently, leaks purporting to have revealed early gameplay and details from Skull and Bones.

Ubisoft opened signups for early playtests of Skull and Bones recently which was another positive sign of life for the game. After that, Ubisoft responded in part to some leaks by telling those looking forward to the game to "keep your eyes on the horizon." Nothing's been shared since then, but it also seems that the game's site and its socials have shifted from calling it "Skull & Bones" to "Skull and Bones" instead. That's probably smart since that's likely how people would look it up anyway, but again, it's a positive sign that news is coming when things like that are noticed to be in motion.

There are talks of a big Ubisoft event supposedly happening which may feature news about this game, but Ubisoft hasn't yet confirmed anything yet.