Sleeping Gods Is Getting a Sequel

One of the top board games of 2021 is getting a sequel. Red Raven Games has announced plans to publish Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies, a new board game set in the world of the 2021 smash hit Sleeping Gods. The new game follows a cargo plane crew that travels to an unfamiliar world in 1937 and must find a way back home. Like the original Sleeping Gods, players will explore an open-world environment, pursuing quests, running into random obstacles, and managing their crew and vehicle along the way. However, Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies offers a new mechanic, as players now build a combat deck that they use when fighting the monsters and enemies in the world. The new game also offers deeper interactions with the world itself, giving players the option to camp and explore via an overhauled action system.

The first Sleeping Gods proved to be a major hit for Red Raven Games and won widespread praise for its innovative open-world system that rewarded players for multiple campaigns and playthroughs. While Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies will have ties to the original game, it's considered a standalone sequel and requires no knowledge of the world of Sleeping Gods to fully enjoy the experience.

Red Raven Games is known for its evocative exploration games that reveal intriguing and deep fantasy worlds. In addition to the complex Sleeping Gods, Red Raven also publishes the Arzium Storyteller line of games, which are also shared in a singular world. The most recent of those games, Now or Never, was released earlier this year.

While the original Sleeping Gods was published with funds from a Kickstarter campaign, Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies will have a crowdfunding campaign on GameFound, a crowdfunding alternative that focuses primarily on tabletop games. The crowdfunding campaign for Sleeping Gods: Distant Skies will launch in April. You can check out a preview of the Gamefound campaign here.