Watch Snoop Dogg Stream, Smoke, and Survive in SOS

Watch The king comes to the island! SOS available in Early Access! from Doggydogg20 on [...]

Watch The king comes to the island! SOS available in Early Access! from Doggydogg20 on

The interactive survival game called SOS entered early access today, and what better way to kick off the game's opening than Snoop Dogg streaming it on Twitch while smoking and entertaining viewers.

Entertaining your audience may be the point of streaming on Twitch, but SOS takes that entertainment factor to another level by letting the viewers interact with streamers even more than usual. By using SOS developer and publisher Outpost Games' Hero platform, you can interact with the contestants taking part in the game's game show format by throwing emojis up on the screen. A fame rating for each character will also show how much the viewers enjoy a streamer and how popular they've become, so you'll have to do more than just win to succeed in everything SOS has to offer.

All that considered, it almost seems unfair to have to go up against Snoop Dogg when you're trying to out-entertain the rapper and pop culture icon. With Snoop Dogg's hilarious back-and-forths with teammates and him stabbing rabid monsters while smoking a blunt the whole time, it's hard to imagine anyone topping Snoop Dogg's performance, but with the game just now entering early access, anyone who wants to try it has a decent shot at making a name for themselves.

Aside from entertaining fans, the way SOS works is fairly simple. It follows a game show format with several contestants trying to escape an island, and a description of the game's features on Steam helps get a better understanding of what players will have to accomplish.

  • SURVIVE THE SHOW – Contestants only have 30 minutes to find a relic, signal for extraction, and grab one of three spots on the rescue chopper.
  • REAL-WORLD VOICE RESTRICTIONS – Players must find and interact with other contestants to survive, but like the real world, they can only communicate with those within shouting distance.
  • BECOME A STAR – Harken back to the days of 90's reality shows by setting up alliances, stabbing your friends in the back, winning the affection of viewers and becoming the ultimate star.
  • COMMUNICATE AND WORK TOGETHER – In SOS, a player's voice and personality become their ultimate tools for survival. With limited resources and no long-range weapons, a player's ability to buddy up with other contestants, share resources and know when to go it alone is key. Three people can escape the island, make sure it's your group!
  • HERO PLATFORM INTEGRATION - Streamers have the ability to use Outpost Games' Hero platform with SOS, giving them a new way to engage with viewers and grow their channels, while viewers can watch their favorite streamers play the game and become an interactive part of the experience like never before.

SOS is now available in early access on Steam with a starting price of $30.