Sonic Frontiers Director Reveals Plans for Next Sonic Game

Sonic Frontiers just released in November, but it seems that Sega is already working on the next Sonic the Hedgehog game. Director Morio Kishimoto revealed as such on Twitter, and offered an interesting glimpse at Sega's plans for the future. Apparently, the next game in the series will put an emphasis on multiple playable characters, and Sega is looking to expand and refine the "open zones" that were introduced in Sonic Frontiers. Interestingly, Sonic Team wants to avoid overusing classic Sonic locations, such as Green Hill Zone, and Chemical Plant Zone.

Kishimoto's desire to add additional playable characters is not all that surprising. The director is a huge fan of the Sonic Adventure games, which put a big focus on Sonic's supporting cast. While Sonic Frontiers only lets players control the blue blur, a free DLC update for the game coming this year will add more playable characters. Despite this, Kishimoto wants to focus on making good single-player games, though multiplayer games are not totally off the table.

The combat in Sonic Frontiers took inspiration from the Sonic live-action films, and it seems Kishimoto wants to continue to add more depth to the combat. The director also wasn't quite happy with the way in which the story was handled in Frontiers, and wants to improve on that, while also giving players greater insights into the characters.

All in all, these comments are very interesting! Sonic Frontiers actually performed quite well for Sega, selling more than 2.5 million copies, and earned fairly strong reviews. Despite that success, it seems the company is still looking at what they can improve, and how they can make things more enjoyable for both longtime fans, and those just starting to play the games after seeing the Paramount movies. Five years passed between the release of Sonic Forces and Sonic Frontiers, so it will likely be some time before we get to see how things shake out!

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[H/T: Tails Channel]