Sonic Mania Gets a Last-Minute Delay on One Platform

Sega just revealed via livestream that Sonic Mania will see a slight delay on PC. The team needs a little more time to optimize the game and make sure it's performing as intended. The game will now release on PC on August 29. The Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One versions of Sonic Mania will be releasing on August 15 as planned, so if you're playing on consoles don't worry!

Now an interesting question came up from those who pre-ordered the collector's edition of Sonic Mania. If you pre-ordered that edition on PC, will you have to wait longer to get your big, beautiful box full of loot? Thankfully, no. You'll still get your Collector's Edition on the 15th, filled with all of your goodies, but obviously the game code won't unlock the full version of Sonic Mania until the newly announced launch date of August 29.

There is a bright side, though! To thank fans for waiting so patiently, Sega will be giving away the first Sonic the Hedgehog game on Steam for free to anyone who pre-ordered Sonic Mania. If you're a huge Sonic fan like I am, then you probably already have this game in your Steam library, but for those of you who don't, at least you'll be able to dive into a 2D Sonic on the 15th one way or another.


If you're reading this article and you're upset about your PC version getting delayed, please don't be. The team on the livestream was so sorry, and so clearly passionate about this game that they've been working on for years. They YouTube and Twitch chat streams were full of fans who were expressing their undying support and enthusiasm for the game, and the team's appreciation was so heartfelt.