Player Celebrates Sonic Mania With Beautiful Custom Joy-Con

Tomorrow is the big day! Sonic Mania finally launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch tomorrow, with the PC version following soon after on August 29. For many of you, it's a national holiday. This is the first new 2D sonic game many of us will have purchased in decades, and everything about it looks, feels, and sounds incredible.

You can read our own Robert Workman's full review right here. Spoiler: He loved it. Everyone loves it! In fact, Alexander Blake is so in love, he decided to create this pair of incredible custom Joy-Con controllers for his Nintendo Switch!

The Joy-Con have been painted a cool blue and orange to reflect the characters they're honoring respectively, that is, Sonic and Tails. Both Sonic and Tails are represented with adorable little portraits in the bottom right and left-hand corners of the Joy-Con. You can't see it in the first picture, but if you click through to the second picture of the post you'll see that the back of each Joy-Con is painted to resemble Sonic's famous sneakers!

We love it. To be honest, if these controllers were offered up by Nintendo officially, we'd totally snatch them up. Nintendo has released the original black, neon red and blue, yellow, and pink and green Joy-Con variations so far, and all of them have sold better than we could have anticipated. There's a huge market out there for custom Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, and there's just something about the form factor that makes them so desirable.


If you've created your own custom Joy-Con, be sure to comment on Facebook or Twitter and show us! We'd love to see what you created.