New Sonic Prime Clip Released by Netflix

Next week will see the release of Sonic Prime, a new animated series centered on Sonic the Hedgehog. Over the last few days, Netflix has started to build hype for the first season, and a new clip from the series has been released. Titled "Best Friends," the clip lasts more than three minutes in length, offering a glimpse at the relationship between Sonic and Tails in the series. The show sees Sonic transported to different worlds in the "Shatterverse," and this Tails is quite a bit different from the one fans are used to seeing in the Sonic games and movies!

The clip from Sonic Prime can be found embedded below.

One of the biggest highlights from the clip can be found around the 40-second mark. In the video, Sonic can be seen reminiscing about the first time that he met Tails. As Sonic Prime takes place in the same universe as the Sega video games, his initial meeting with Tails plays out the same way it did in Sonic Origins. The key difference is that, in Sonic Origins, this meeting plays out as an animated cut scene, but in Sonic Prime, the flashback is done in a 16-bit style! It's a great way to link the world of the cartoon with the games, and longtime Sonic fans are sure to love it. Of course, we also get to see how events played out differently for this version of Tails, and the impact it had on his personality.

While Sonic Prime's first season won't be added to Netflix until December 15th, eager fans can check out the first episode of the show on December 10th in Roblox. Roblox added a game called Sonic Speed Simulator earlier this year, and players can see the episode airing in the game on Saturday starting at 7 a.m. PT and airing every 45 minutes through December 16th. Readers can find out more about the Roblox premiere right here.

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