Sonic the Hedgehog Reveals Why Knuckles Doesn't Have a Super Form

Over the last 30 years, Sonic has used the power of the Chaos Emeralds many times to turn into Super Sonic, including in Paramount's Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Shadow the Hedgehog has even gotten in on the action, but for some reason, Sega has never revealed a Super form for Knuckles the Echidna. Knuckles has been closely connected to the Chaos Emeralds and Master Emerald since his introduction, but it's something we've never seen in the games. In a new episode of the TailsTube video series, Tails asks why Knuckles has never attempted to use the Master Emerald's power in a similar manner.

Tails: "But aren't you curious about what else the Master Emerald can do? You have such a special relationship with it. Sonic can use the Chaos Emeralds to turn into Super Sonic, after all. With your connection to the Master Emerald-"

Knuckles: "It is not my place to use The Emerald's power. It is my job to protect it."

The moment provides an interesting window into the relationship Knuckles has with the Master Emerald! It's a simple explanation, but it's also one that fits well with his established character. From the beginning, Knuckles has seen it as his job to protect these items from falling into the wrong hands; the idea of using that power simply isn't something that interests him. This is just the third TailsTube video so far, but Sega has done a nice job using the series to answer questions fans might have about Sonic's world.

Interestingly enough, the newest video ends with a teaser for Sonic Frontiers. After Sonic joins the interview, Tails reveals that his research into the Chaos Emeralds has led him to discover their signal coming from a mysterious set of islands. This prompts an image of the Starfall islands to appear on-screen, and Sonic and Tails decide to go investigate. Fans will have to wait until November 8th to see how that investigation pans out!

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