2021 Will Be A "Big Year" For Sonic the Hedgehog, Teases Sega

The new Sonic the Hedgehog movie may be releasing next year in 2020, but according to Sega, 2021 [...]

The new Sonic the Hedgehog movie may be releasing next year in 2020, but according to Sega, 2021 is the next big year for the speedy blue hedgehog. And perhaps this should come as no surprise given that 2021 will be the 30-year anniversary of Sonic. The news comes way of Sega's Sonic Team boss Takashi Iizuka, who teased the big year while speaking to Game Informer. As you will know, in past anniversary years, Sega has released big Sonic titles, such as Sonic Generations. When asked if this may happen again in 202q, Iizuka simply chuckled, and then let out a teasing "Maybe."

As you may know, earlier this year, Sega confirmed that the next mainline Sonic game is already in development. At the moment, further details on the mystery game haven't been divulged, but paired with this new tease, it looks like the title will release sometime in 2021.

Whether 2021 will be a big year for the franchise beyond video games, isn't quite clear. As mentioned above, the new animated live-action movie from Paramount is poised to release on Valentines Day 2020, but there's no word of any other additional types of media arriving the following year.

Anyway, as we wait for more details on future Sonic games, be sure to check out the most recently released title in the series, Sonic Mania, which is also one of the best games released in the long-running series:

"Sonic Mania continues to buck the trend of bringing back a classic the right way, like Doom before it," reads a snippet from our official review. "But the team doesn't forget the heritage of which Sonic was based on, and keeps his 16-bit roots completely intact, while introducing fresh new ideas that fit our hero like a glove. It's insanely fun to play, despite some mild frustrations, and it's great to have 16-bit Sonic looking and sounding better than ever. It's a great return for a hero that was in desperate need of one, and it gives me high hopes that Sega may just right this ship yet. It's easily one of the best games this year."