Sony Has Big Streaming Plans For E3 2017


There's no question that Sony will have a lot on its plate when the Electronic Entertainment Expo rolls around next month, including big reveals for first-party titles like Spider-Man and God of War, as well as partnerships with third party companies, like Activision with Call of Duty: WWII and Destiny 2, and Rockstar Games with Red Dead Redemption 2.

But for those that won't be in attendance of the big show, not to worry. Sony has revealed that it intends to broadcast four days' worth of content live online, so you can see all the big games in action – as well as Sony's pre-E3 presentation, which is set to take place on Monday night, June 12th.

The four-day event will include a number of new trailer reveals, as well as game demonstrations, interviews and more. The schedule for broadcasting looks like this:

  • Monday, June 12:PlayStation Live From E3 2017 featuring the PlayStation Media Showcase - 5:00pm Pacific / 1:00am BST
  • Tuesday, June 13:PlayStation Live From E3 2017 programming - 12:00pm to 6:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm to 2:00am BST
  • Wednesday, June 14:PlayStation Live From E3 2017 programming - 12:00pm to 6:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm to 2:00am BST
  • Thursday, June 15:PlayStation Live From E3 2017 programming - 12:00pm to 4:00pm Pacific / 8:00pm to 12:00am BST

Those interested in watching the online action can do so from the PlayStation page, as well as on Sony's own devoted YouTube and Twitch channels. The company will also broadcast on Facebook, though that link hasn't been shared just yet.


In addition, those that are watching the streams will be able to take part in virtual quests, with an opportunity to win some great prizes. Sony hasn't detailed what these quests pertained to, but we'll know more closer to the actual start of E3 2017.

One of the games that will get a lot of attention from Sony this year is the survival game Days Gone. Sam Witwer, the voice actor who portrays the lead protagonist Deacon St. John, explained on a recent live stream that the game will be at E3 "in a big way," with plenty of new reveals. It's likely to see a release date sometime this year, but we're waiting for that to be finalized.

Whatever the case, Sony has big plans for next month…and we can't wait to see what they are.