Star Wars Rumor Leaks New Ewok Game

A new Star Wars rumor has leaked a new Star Wars game that will finally give fans of the sci-fi series what they want: more Ewoks. That's right, the rumor alleges a new Star Wars game is in the works that centers around Ewoks. Unfortunately, the rumor is dubious at best and comes from an anonymous source, however, it's so random and so strange that Star Wars fans can't help but wonder if it's true. 

According to the rumor, there is a game "kinda like Pikmin, but with Ewoks" in the works. This immediately sounds like a low-effort mobile game, but according to the rumor it is not a mobile game. Unfortunately, this is the extent of the rumor, which cites a source that works at the undisclosed company working on the game. 

The rumor was shared on Reddit, and while you may expect it to be met with accusations of forgery, many of the replies to the Reddit post agree that it's so out-of-left-field that it may actually be real. And the reason so many think this is because these type of rumors end up being true moreoften  than you'd think. The more out-of-left-field a rumor is, the more believable it is to many for the simple reason that it feels too random to make up. 

The complete anonymous nature of this rumor is no doubt a red flag, but most video game rumors come from anonymous sources, though usually there's someone staking their reputation on the rumor by making the claim. In this case, there is no reputation at stake. The source is anonymous and the person relaying the information is an anonymous Reddit user. These type of rumors, whether they come from 4chan or Reddit, are often written off, but numerous times now they've come true. In fact, many of the biggest anonymous industry insiders got their start peddling dubious rumors and many of the biggest leaks in video game history have come from random Reddit and 4chan users.

All of that said, take the rumor with a massive grain of salt. It's a rumor, not official news, and while this seems too random to make up, there's no gurantee that it's nothing more than this: completely made up.