Starfield Gets Praised by Actor

Starfield has been one of the most highly anticipated games for quite some time as Bethesda announced it several years ago. The project has largely remained a mystery since then, with small details trickling out. In general, it sounds like another big Bethesda RPG except with a big sci-fi twist that allows you to travel the galaxy and explore different planets. Still, some fear that Bethesda will crumble under the pressure of its own ambition. Although the developer is responsible for amazing games like Skyrim, Fallout 3, and more, the reception to Fallout 76 gave many pause over the future of the studio. 

Actor Stephen Ford, who has previously teased he is involved with Starfield in some kind of capacity, had nothing but praise for the game. In response to someone who expressed skepticism over the game and cited Bethesda's history of fairly buggy games, Ford stated "it's pretty awesome." Of course, it's hard to imagine he would say anything bad about the game if he is in it, but he also doesn't have to respond to people's skeptical comments, especially when he's likely under some kind of NDA. At the moment, Starfield is expected to have a proper news dump this summer at the Xbox showcase. If it's anything like how Bethesda revealed Fallout 4, fans can expect more than just a 5 minute segment for this. There will likely be a meaty demo of the game that tells players everything they need to know about Bethesda's new IP alongside news about other games the developer is working on.

Bethesda has been trying to bring this game to life long before it was announced, so this is a major passion project for the studio. As of right now, it's unclear if this will become a regular franchise like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, but if it's a big hit, it's likely they'll return to it in the future.

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