Steam Sale Makes $146 Worth of Critically Acclaimed Games Just $7

A new Steam sale is offering discounts as large as 96 percent off on some of the best games available on the digital PC storefront. As a result, the games in question are as cheap as $0.79 and $0.99. The sale is called the Valve Complete Pack Sale and it offers, as the name suggests, deep discounts on games from Valve. So, if you haven't dabbled in series like Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, Counter-Strike, or Portal, now is a great time to remedy this. That said, the sale and every individual deal that comprises is set to expire on March 23. 

You can find every deal here, but the main offers involve Left 4 Dead, Half-Life, and Portal. Across these three series, PC gamers can check out the following classic for only $0.99: Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Portal, and Portal 2. Each of these games is only a single dollar, the lowest they've ever been made on the platform. They've been made a dollar in the past, but never cheaper than this. And these games aren't just some of the most critically acclaimed games on Steam, but some of the most popular as well. Unfortunately, the deals are limited to older entries and the core series, for the most part. In other words, there's no crazy discount for games like Half-Life: Alyx. 

In addition to piece meal, the games can be had all together in one giant 22-game bundle. Normally, you'd need to pay $145.82 to buy every game, but you can have all of them for $6.54, courtesy of a 96 percent discount. That's roughly $139 of savings. You can't beat that. 

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