Steam Deck Now Runs Previously Banned Game

Destiny 2 is now playable on Steam Deck without any consequences. Due to Steam Deck using a modified version of Linux for its OS system, Valve introduced Proton, a compatibility layer that allows the OS to run Windows games. Although it's not completely perfect, it's a solid solution that works as intended a lot of the time. Of course, the one issue that some players are running into is that they can't play some of the biggest and most active online shooters. Proton and the anti-cheat systems on these games don't mesh well together, so for a brief time, playing games like Destiny 2 on Steam Deck were forbidden.

Bungie even told players that if they attempted to bypass the incompatibility with Destiny 2 on Steam Deck via Proton, they'd be banned in-game. With that said, Destiny 2 is now playable on Steam Deck because players can download and utilize Windows 10 thanks to new drivers, an operating system Bungie has permitted. It may require a few extra hoops, but for those looking to play Bungie's shooter on the go, it may be worth it. At the moment, it's unclear if other unsupported titles like Halo Infinite will also be allowed on Steam Deck now, but it's a step in the right direction. Bungie was laying down a harsh punishment for anyone trying to find unapproved loopholes, so it's good to see them being accepting of the device now that it can download Windows.

The flexibility of Steam Deck is one of the most remarkable things about it. Even though it's essentially a mini PC, it has the design and accessibility of a console or handheld platform like Nintendo Switch. Nonetheless, it's not beholden to the default settings or a limited OS, players can download a lot of things on it including completely different operating systems if they so choose. It's a unique device that offers a lot of freedom for those who want it. 

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