Steam Leak Reveals Dates for Next Big Sale

The dates for Steam’s next big sale have predictably leaked to reveal when the Steam Lunar New [...]

The dates for Steam's next big sale have predictably leaked to reveal when the Steam Lunar New Year Sale will kick off and when it'll end. According to the leaked information, the sale will begin on February 11th and will continue until February 15th, a timeframe that makes sense given how the Chinese New Year falls on February 12th. No deals have been revealed in advance, but if the past sales are anything to go off of, Steam shoppers can expect an array of games to get some deep discounts.

Dates for Steam's Lunar New Year Sale were shared by the Steam Database Twitter account that often shares such things in advance before Steam announces them. The information about the sale's dates was supposedly revealed through an email shared with Steam partners, but Steam sales and their dates often leak anyway, so it likely would've been revealed some way or another before the sale took place regardless.

These dates are of course always subject to change, but it's likely that these will be the exact one during which the Steam sale will take place. Steam's deals typically aren't revealed prior to the starts of the sales, but it shouldn't be too long until we see what's on sale. Based on what we've seen from the past Steam sales, we're likely to see many more games discounted than anyone could hope to purchase at one time regardless of how cheap they are, so you shouldn't have a hard time finding something that you've been putting off.

Steam's Lunar New Year Sale is scheduled to start on February 11th and should run until February 15th. Expect an official announcement from Steam to be shared either on the day that the sale goes live or shortly before that happens.