Rumor: The Lunar Steam Game Sale Could Kick Off As Soon As Tomorrow

Oh, Steam sales. The one time of year when we don’t really think we need any more PC games, and [...]

Steam Sale

Oh, Steam sales. The one time of year when we don't really think we need any more PC games, and the next thing you know, BAM! We have about $53 worth of games in our cart, and we're getting hours and hours of fun out of them.

We haven't seen a big Steam sale in a while, but apparently there could be another one happening very soon – no, we mean very soon. Like, tomorrow.

The team over at Steam Database on Twitter have indicated that the next Steam sale will kick off as soon as tomorrow, and will be called the Lunar New Year Sale. While the post didn't mention any specific titles, it did note that the sale will take place for the next five days, lasting through February 19.

The group reportedly got the information from Steam Direct, noting that it doesn't take too long for the news to go live now. "The next @Steam_Games sale is Lunar New Year Sale and will run from February 15th to 19th," it noted. "Thanks to Steam Direct, it now takes less than 5 hours for that information to leak."

Nobody over at Valve nor Steam has said a word about the sale just yet, so we're taking the post with a grain of salt. Still, Lunar New Year is getting celebrated in many circles in the world of video games, so it wouldn't be a total stock for Steam to hop on board and offer up some great bargains as part of its promotion.

Don't expect too many bargains, as this will be a more limited sale compared to, say, the Steam Winter Sale that took place a few months ago. But do expect a handful of great deals, enough to get you through the spring and maybe into the summer – when the next gigantic Steam sale is set to take place. Man, it just doesn't end, does it?

We'll see what happens over the next few hours, but if the sale goes live, we'll certainly let you know, and point out some of the most noteworthy bargains that are up for grabs!