Suicide Squad Director James Gunn Reveals the Greatest Star Wars Game of All Time

The Star Wars franchise has produced a lot of great games over the years, and many fans have their [...]

The Star Wars franchise has produced a lot of great games over the years, and many fans have their own personal favorite. The Suicide Squad director James Gunn is no exception. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic has been trending on Twitter over the last day, and Gunn used the occasion to share his love for the game. The director was quickly informed that KOTOR is trending because some Star Wars fans used an in-game reference to put down fans new to the franchise. To his credit, Gunn decided to change that, encouraging KOTOR fans to take over the trend and share "how incredible it is." It certainly sounds like a good excuse to talk up the game!

The original Tweet from Gunn can be found embedded below.

Gunn has previously called KOTOR his favorite game, but the director took things a step farther today, calling it his favorite piece of Star Wars media ever. That's a bold proclamation, but several posters agreed with Gunn's assessment. One fan asked the director if he could adapt the game as a film for Disney, but Gunn seemed uninterested in the idea. The director replied that "just because it's a perfect video game doesn't mean it needs to be a movie." It's clear Gunn is passionate about the game, and his efforts to change the conversation will help more people discover it, despite the ill intentions of those who got KOTOR trending in the first place!

For those unfamiliar with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, the game originally released on Xbox in 2003. The game was a critical and commercial success for the system, inspiring a direct sequel in 2004, and an MMORPG released in 2011. Those that haven't played the first two games will be happy to know both are available on current Xbox platforms. Users can download the game, but physical copies are also backwards compatible with the Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

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