Summer Game Fest Kickoff Stream Will Feature Over 30 Different Games

While E3 2021 might be the event that most people are focused on in the coming week, Summer Game Fest is set to kick off in just a few short days as well. Ahead of the start of this showcase on June 10, host and producer Geoff Keighley has now given potential viewers better insight into what they can expect from the presentation. Most notably, he also touched on the number of games in total that are set to appear over the course of Summer Game Fest's kick-off stream.

As mentioned by Keighley on Twitter today, it was said that Summer Game Fest will feature new looks at over 30 different video games in total. Based on the number of participants that have already seen confirmed for the showcase, it stood to reason that there would be quite a bit to see at this time. While the identities of these titles obviously haven't been unveiled just yet, Keighley did share a new trailer to help get fans "in the mood for this summer."

Even though there are more questions than answers when it comes to what will be showing up at Summer Game Fest, one title in particular that we can expect to see has been teased ahead of time. Based on some new reporting that has emerged over the past day, Elden Ring, which is the highly-anticipated action game by FromSoftware, is said to finally be emerging at this Thursday's presentation. Keighley himself also seemed to indicate this was true in a rather sly manner on Twitter. S


If you're looking to watch Summer Game Fest for yourself, this opening stream will occur at 2:00pm EST on June 10. And if you can't watch, we'll be keeping you in the loop with all of the latest news from the show here on as it transpires.