Super Nintendo World: Different Character Interactions Revealed

In just a few short weeks, Super Nintendo World will open at Universal Studios Hollywood, marking the first time that the attraction is available in North America. Super Nintendo World will give visitors the chance to check out Nintendo-themed rides, compete for high scores using Power-Up Bands and, of course, will also feature character interactions. In a Q&A with's Aaron Perine, Universal Creative VP Jon Corfino revealed some of the characters fans can expect to see in the park, and how they'll interact with attendees.

"Now, I'll point out a couple different character interactions that we have. For example, we have a Princess Peach meet and greet," Corfino detailed. "We have a Mario and Luigi meet and greet. So, we have characters and they'll come out. They're capable of communicating with you. And guess what, since we're in a game, they know your score. So, there's another level of connectivity."

Character interactions have always been a big part of the appeal of theme parks, and Nintendo's stable of characters are some of the most recognizable in the entire world. It's a safe bet that these meet and greets will see a lot of interest, and it's just one more way that fans can enjoy themselves in the park.

The original Super Nintendo World opened in Universal Studios Japan back in 2021. Like the attraction in Universal Studios Hollywood, Japan's Super Nintendo World predominantly focuses on characters from the Mario family (with some notable cameos from another popular Nintendo game). However, an expansion for the Japanese attraction is currently planned for 2024. The expansion will center on Donkey Kong and friends, which means we'll likely see characters like Diddy and Cranky as well. It will also enhance the size of the attraction by a stunning 70%. Hopefully fans in North America will see that expansion added at some point down the line!

Super Nintendo World will open February 17th at Universal Studios Hollywood.

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