Super Nintendo World Announces Donkey Kong Expansion

Following numerous reports and rumors over the years, Nintendo and Universal Studios Japan have officially announced that a Donkey Kong-themed expansion to Super Nintendo World is set to open in 2024. This marks the first major expansion to the theme park, and according to the announcement, will increase the overall size of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan by a whopping 70%.

The new Donkey Kong-themed area is set to include interactive experiences and themed food and merchandise as well as a roller coaster. Per the announcement of the expansion, guests can "take a walk on the wild side through the lush jungles where Donkey Kong and his friends live." What, exactly, that means remains to be seen.

"SUPER NINTENDO WORLD creates a whole new level of theme park entertainment and has quickly become an exciting, must-do experience for our guests," said J.L. Bonnier, President & CEO of Universal Studios Japan, as part of the announcement. "We are thrilled to continue working with Nintendo as we fulfill our vision to bring their characters and stories to life. Our new Donkey Kong themed area will bring even more excitement and fun to the SUPER NINTENDO WORLD experience."

"I am very happy to be able to make the world of Donkey Kong a reality following the world of Mario," stated Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto as part of the same announcement. "I am looking forward to creating a thrilling Donkey Kong experience with the amazing team at Universal. It will take some time until it is completed, but it will be a unique area for not only people who are familiar with Donkey Kong games, but for all guests."

As noted above, the Donkey Kong-themed expansion is set to open in 2024. Super Nintendo World, in general, is open at Universal Studios Japan. While this is the first of these, Super Nintendo World is eventually expected to expand across the majority of the Universal Studios parks, including in the United States. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the Nintendo theme park right here.

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