Swordsfall Comes to Life With New Drift of Dreams Graphic Novel

Swordsfall has released its first graphic novel, giving fans a brand new look into the Afro-futurist nation of Tikor. Drift of Dreams, a new graphic novel by Brandon Dixon and a group of ten artists, tells the story of Xavian the Withering King's corruption of the Tapestry, a dreamscape dimension that humans enter when they sleep. The Tapestry is protected by a group of Dreamweavers, who call on one of their own to stop Xavian's corruption before the dark god can complete his plans.

Drift of Dreams continues to flesh out the world of Swordfall, a cross-platform project that includes novels, comics, and an upcoming tabletop RPG. Swordsfall made headlines back in 2019 when an art book/campaign setting Kickstarter raised over $120,000, and the project has steadily produced several different stories to build out the nation of Tikor since. Drift of Dreams is the fifth chapter of the "Tikor Chronicles," all of which show different sides and stories set in the remarkable world of Tikor built by Dixon. Drift of Dreams was funded through a Kickstarter campaign that raised nearly $25,000 last year.

Since its release on Amazon, Drift of Dreams has risen as high as fourth on the website's list of bestselling fantasy graphic novels, competing with the likes of Critical Role and Avatar: The Last Airbender. The graphic novel has also cracked the Top 50 on Amazon's list of best-selling graphic novels, regardless of category.

If you want to get on the ground floor of one of the coolest TTRPG projects in recent memory, check out Drift of Dreams today. You can read more about the world of Swordfall on their website. Drift of Dreams is available digitally or through POD on Amazon.