New 'System Shock 3' Trailer Revealed

Yesterday during Unity's GDC 2019 presentation, Otherside Entertainment revealed a brand-new [...]

Yesterday during Unity's GDC 2019 presentation, Otherside Entertainment revealed a brand-new trailer showing off System Shock 3, its new entry in the beloved and classic sci-fi action-adventure series. While System Shock fans will be happy to see the game after an extended period of radio silence, the trailer is unfortunately just a teaser showing of the game running on Unity. That said, it's our first look at the game in-engine, so there's at least that.

For those that don't know: System Shock debuted back in 1994 via Looking Glass Technologies and publisher Origin Systems. Directed by Doug Church, and with Warren Spector as producer, the action-adventure game took place on a space station in the year 2072. In it, you played as a nameless hacker who is trying to stop a malevolent artificial intelligence called SHODAN. It's classic sci-fi, and widely considered one of the best and most important games of the 90s.

Praised as a major breakthrough for the immersive sim genre, the game is held by many as an all-time classic. Unfortunately though, the project posted a net loss. That said, a sequel was stillgreenlit and released in 2000, and was equally praised as its predecessor. And that was the last we heard of the series, though Deus Ex and BioShock are in many ways considered spiritual successors of System Shock.

Fast-forward 19 years, and now a third game in the series is in development by Otherside Entertainment, which attracted the aforementioned Spector to lead the game's development and the aforementioned Church to serve as a creative consultant. At the moment, details on the game are light, and there's no word of when it will release, or what platforms it will release on other than PC.

It's important to note that System Shock 3 has no relation to the on-going System Shock Remake being developed by Night Dive Studios, which aims to bring the first game to modernity with a release in 2020.

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