Teamfight Tactics Mobile Is Getting a Closed Beta Soon

Teamfight Tactics players will soon be able to take their best strategies and team compositions on-the-go when the League of Legends game comes to mobile devices in March. Sonner than that though, players will be able to try the mobile version of the game during a closed beta test. Riot Games announced this week that it'll be rolling out that test to select countries in the next few weeks with the test growing as it continues until the big Teamfight Tactics Mobile launch happens in March.

The latest word on Teamfight Tactics Mobile was shared by Riot Games this week when it announced the impending arrival of the closed beta. Riot's update told people that they may end up seeing some players playing Teamfight Tactics on their mobile devices, and if people want to be a part of that, they might have a shot at being one of those testers.

"The beta will expand a little bit over the coming weeks," Riot said. "However, as we mentioned at the start of the year, we're still aiming to get the first big group of folks mobile access for the first time in March. The details on that launch will come later."

For those wondering how the game would differ from the PC to the mobile version, Riot said it's shooting for a "cross-platform game with shared inventories, progression, and rank." There shouldn't be any advantages to one platform or another either.

There will be some changes between the PC and mobile versions to make the game work better on the mobile format, however. The Champion Shop is one example of those changes since it'll be opened and closed depending on players' needs so that it's not taking up your entire screen.

Teamfight Tactics Board
(Photo: Riot Games)

"The in-game Champion Shop can't remain open all the time without compromising the battlefield, so instead, the shop is opened and closed with a button," Riot said. "The shop automatically opens at the beginning of every round, appearing near the top of the screen so that you can still position your champions while buying and selling. In addition, the stage tracker only shows the time left in the current phase while the Store is open to make sure you have a complete view of your battlefield."

Players also won't be able to chat on the mobile version, at least not at this time. Chat isn't nearly as important here as it is in a normal game of League of Legends though, so having that gone shouldn't be a big deal.


Sign-ups for the Android version of Teamfight Tactics are now open with news on the iOS coming at a later date. If you've expressed interest in playing Teamfight Tactics Mobile, look out for any invites which might come in the next few weeks.