Teamfight Tactics Is Now Available on Mobile Devices

Riot Games has its first mobile game now that Teamfight Tactics has officially been released for [...]

Riot Games has its first mobile game now that Teamfight Tactics has officially been released for mobile devices. The autobattler game that first went live last year as a League of Legends game mode has now come to both iOS and Android devices so that Teamfight Tactics players can work on their team comps and winning strategies on-the-go. The release follows a beta which offered players a first look at the game before its release date was announced, and the timing of the mobile version's release means that players can right away start working with the game's new Galaxies set.

Teamfight Tactics was scheduled for a simultaneous release on both iOS and Android devices, so whichever platform your choosing, you can now find the game in the mobile stores. It's essentially the core Teamfight Tactics experience that's been adjusted slightly to fit a mobile format which means that it supports cross-play with the PC version seeing how neither side should have an advantage.

For those familiar with Teamight Tactics, you'll be able to hop right in and should feel right at home. For those unfamiliar, the basics of the game involve drafting a team of League of Legends champions to do (auto)battle for you while you face off against opponents. You can rank up your champions by buying multiple copies of the same character through the in-game store using gold you earned based on how well you've done, and you can equip them with items to change their playstyles. Amassing armies of champions who share traits with one another will give them extra bonuses in combat to create unique team compositions and winning scenarios.

There are a few differences that players will notice from the PC version to the mobile port. Those are pretty minor, however, like the fact that the champion store doesn't stay open at all times.

"The in-game Champion Shop can't remain open all the time without compromising the battlefield, so instead, the shop is opened and closed with a button," Riot said previously. "The shop automatically opens at the beginning of every round, appearing near the top of the screen so that you can still position your champions while buying and selling. In addition, the stage tracker only shows the time left in the current phase while the Store is open to make sure you have a complete view of your battlefield."

Teamfight Tactics is now available on mobile devices.