'The Division 2' Players Are Bummed They Can't Make Their Agents Bald

In Tom Clancy's The Division 2 you can't make your agent bald, because apparently one of the [...]

In Tom Clancy's The Division 2 you can't make your agent bald, because apparently one of the side-effects of the game's apocalyptic-inducing virus is hair growth.

As you may know, there's a character creator in The Division 2. And while it's far from the most robust character creator you'll dabble with, it does have considerable options to make your Agent your own. Unless you're bald and want to make your Agent bald as well, then this isn't the character creator for you.

Posting in the game's sub-Reddit page, user MonkeyCrumpets brought it to every one's attention that in the game you can't give your agent a bald head, just a buzz cut.

"What good is a character creator if I can't give my boy a slap head?! A buzz cut just isn't the same, Massive," wrote the user.

Obviously, this is faux outrage and a light-hearted critique, but it did catch on and shoot up the game's Reddit page thanks to a bunch of other bald (and inspiring to be) gamers who were crestfallen to learn that Ubisoft Massive forgot about them.

"Feelsbaldman," added justragebro. Meanwhile, One_Clown_Short commented, "That's disappointing. I wanted my agent to be the first to know when it's raining."

I'm not bald myself, but I do believe in representation. And I don't like the idea that bald players will now have to rock a beanie or a helmet if they want to role-play.

"As a fellow bald man, this is disappointing to hear. Guess I'll just rock a beanie or something," said justkeepfading.

All jokes aside, it's odd bald isn't a hair option in the game's character creation system. It's usually one of the first added given how easy it's to make from a development side. In fact, I can't remember the last character creator I used where bald wasn't an option. In other words, I wouldn't be surprised if this is remedied soon, maybe even before launch.

The Division 2 is poised to release later this week on March 15 via the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. At the moment of publishing, there's no bald.

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