The Last of Us Episode 4 Preview Teases Big Trouble for Joel and Ellie

Spoilers for the third episode of The Last of Us incoming! After reaching Bill and Frank's compound in the latest episode of The Last of Us, Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) are in a world of trouble come next Sunday. Immediately following the show's latest episode Sunday night, HBO released the preview for the fourth episode, teasing plenty of trouble for the thrill-seekers.

As the duo continues their journey toward Wyoming, Ellie struggles to read the map and unveils her disgust for coffee. Before too long at all, the two arrive in a city where they run into conflict with other humans. As seen in the preview below, things don't look too good for the duo, especially their newfound Chevy S10 truck.

Unfortunately for Joel and Ellie, they'll be without Bill (Nick Offerman) or Frank (Murray Bartlett), who both killed themselves at the end of the third episode.

"I wasn't at all surprised to know that Nick could do something like this. What I was surprised about was how good he was," showrunner and series co-creator Craig Mazin, who wrote episode 3, told TVInsider. "I mean, I had high expectations, and he just went right over the top. It was an incredible thing to watch his chemistry with Murray Bartlett was incredible. You know, we cast Murray Bartlett, and then a few months later, Murray Bartlett wins an Emmy. And we're like, 'this is really great.' And so we've got these, like absolute A-List guys bringing it at such a high level."

Mazin continued: "That storyline was really just a product of us saying, 'hey, we have an opportunity to actually do something different that doesn't break our experience of the game if we are a fan but adds to it. And if we're not, and we don't know about the game, [it] will just feel right.' And it was that was such a joy to work on. And those guys are amazing."

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