The Last of Us HBO Video Leak Confirms Big Scene From Video Game

The Last of Us HBO TV series is currently filming, and a new video from the set of filming has confirmed the show has a familiar location for those that played the first game. Obviously, it remains to be seen just how faithful the first season of the show will adapt the game it's based on, but in addition to familiar characters, it looks like the show is borrowing familiar locations as well. 

Over on Twitter, The Last of Us Updates account has shared a video showing a scene featuring Joel and Ellie horseback riding through a university. Of course, the video itself doesn't actually reveal much else, as it's taken from afar and isn't the greatest quality, but it does seemingly confirm The University chapter from the game is recreated in the show in some capacity. 

In terms of consequence, The University chapter isn't actually that noteable. Not a ton of consequence happens during it, but it's by far one of the best set pieces of the game, and one many fans will be eager to see revisited. That said, there's already a difference between the show and the game in regards to this scene. In the game, it happens during the fall. As you can see, late November where the show is filming is more winter than fall. 

The Last of Us is currently filming. There's no word of when filming will wrap, when the show will be revealed, or when it will release. All we know is that it's been filming for several months. That said, Gabriel Luna, who is playing Tommy Miller for the show, did recently tell us that the show is coming sooner rather than later.

"Right now, my primary focus is The Last of Us. So excited to complete my work there on season one and then we're going to have a really fun adventure there," said Luna. I look forward to everyone having an opportunity to check that out whenever it may come out. I'm not in the scheduling department, but it'd be sooner than later."

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