The Last of Us HBO Series Has Started Production, First Set Photo Revealed

HBO's upcoming television series based on PlayStation's The Last of Us has seemingly now started [...]

HBO's upcoming television series based on PlayStation's The Last of Us has seemingly now started filming. While we had previously heard that production on the show was slated to begin in July, it seems that this trajectory was quite accurate. And while it will likely be quite some time until we see actual footage from The Last of Us, an additional set photo that has been revealed seems to indicate at what point in the narrative filming has started.

Confirmation regarding the start of production for The Last of Us comes directly from one of the show's actors. Gabriel Luna, who is playing Tommy, the brother of Pedro Pascal's character, Joel, posted a picture of himself and Pascal on Instagram. The photo in question also featured Nico Parker, who was just announced earlier this week to be playing Sarah. "Already love these folks," Luna said in the caption of the image. He also added the hashtag "#MillerTime" to the post to signify the last name of each character in the photo.

What's perhaps most interesting about this ensemble being pictured together in this manner is that it tells us at which point in the narrative filming for The Last of Us has started. Pascal, Luna, and Parker are all seen sitting in a car with one another, which is notable because the original video game features a prominent scene in its opening minutes where all three of these characters are driving in a car. As such, this seems to tell us that the television adaptation won't be straying too much from the source material, at least when it comes to the beginning stages of the story.

At this point in time, HBO hasn't announced when The Last of Us will end up debuting. With filming having just now started, though, it seems likely that a release in 2022 will transpire. We'll be sure to keep you in the loop with any more major pieces of news on the series here at as we move forward.

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