The Last of Us HBO Series Casts Merle Dandridge as Marlene

HBO has found the actress that will be playing the character of Marlene in its upcoming The Last [...]

HBO has found the actress that will be playing the character of Marlene in its upcoming The Last of Us TV series, and it just so happens to be the same person who had the role in the video game series. Merle Dandridge, who originally played Marlene in both The Last of Us games has now signed on to play the character once again.

Within The Last of Us, Marlene serves as the leader of the Fireflies, which is a resistance group that rises up in the wake of the world's zombified outbreak. In many ways, Marlene sets the actions of the game--and now TV show--in motion when she hires the main protagonist, Joel, to smuggle a young girl by the name of Ellie across the United States. From here, Joel and Ellie become attached at the hip and the events of the story begin to take shape.

Dandridge has become the first (and potentially only) actor from the original video games to take part in this new retelling of The Last of Us. The cast, at this moment, also contains the likes of Pedro Pascal as Joel, Bella Ramsey as Ellie, and Gabriel Luna playing Tommy, who is Joel's brother. Although there aren't many core characters left to cast for The Last of Us, it stands to reason that PlayStation Studios has a few more roles left to announce within the coming weeks and months.

For now, the one key detail related to The Last of Us that we still don't know about comes with its release. As of this writing, those at Sony and HBO have yet to reveal when the series is set to make its debut. However, filming is said to begin for the show later this summer in July. And with that in mind, a release at some point within 2022 seems quite likely.

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