The Last of Us HBO Video Leak Shows Joel and Ellie Together on Horseback

A newly leaked video has emerged from the set of HBO's The Last of Us, and it showcases Joel and Ellie riding together on horseback. The video was first shared on Twitter by user @donicache, who was able to catch the actors during filming last week. Interestingly enough, Joel actor Pedro Pascal clearly caught @donicache in the act of filming, pointing to her camera and offering a smile as he went by. On Twitter, @donicache said that Pascal made her day with that small acknowledgement, while several of her fellow posters pointed out their extreme jealousy. Naturally, the film crew might not have been as happy!

The video can be found in @donicache's Tweet, which has been embedded below.

While Pedro Pascal is clearly the star of the video, we can also make out Bella Ramsey as Ellie, as well. The star recently told the BBC that The Last of Us is "the biggest thing I have done." That's a bold statement given how big Game of Thrones was, but Ellie is one of the two main stars of the game, and the series. That means a much bigger spotlight than Ramsey saw in the previous show, where she was part of a huge ensemble.

Presumably, the horse seen in the video is meant to be Callus, a horse given to the two by Joel's brother, Tommy. However, it's unclear if that will remain the case in the HBO adaptation, as there are several questions about how closely the show will adhere to the source material. Some of the leaks we've seen hint at the possibility of changes from the original story, and Neil Druckmann has already indicated that the show will feature material that got cut from the PlayStation game. Given how passionate The Last of Us' following is, it seems likely the main story beats will remain the same, but fans will have to wait patiently to see for themselves!

HBO's The Last of Us is set to release sometime in 2022. In the meantime, readers can check out all of our previous coverage of the show right here.

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