The Quiet Man Trailers Reveal New Combat and Story Details

More details on Square Enix’s The Quiet Man have been revealed with two new trailers featuring [...]

More details on Square Enix's The Quiet Man have been revealed with two new trailers featuring the game's combat and parts of its story.

First revealed in June during Square Enix's E3 presentation, The Quiet Man was previewed as a totally new, digital-only title that's coming to the PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. A teaser trailer shown during the event showed a deaf protagonist, Dane, who dispatched others with ease by using his martial arts skills, but it didn't share hardly any more information than that. The combat trailer shown above still didn't tell too much more about the game's narrative or who the main character is, but it did show off more of those flashy combat scenes.

The combat looks like something that players might find in one of the Yakuza games as the protagonist takes on opponents in open streets and inside of buildings, though the fighting seems much more grounded in striking and counters as opposes to swinging nearby objects and suplexing your enemies. Certain scenes showing what look to be special takedowns are likely initiated through certain moves or counters, but it's hard to say without seeing how the cutscene-esque finishers began.

Following up the first trailer is another called "The Quiet Man – Silence Rings Loudest." This one deals more with the game's story, a one-night scenario where Dane has to find out why a singer was kidnapped. The masked enemies seen in the combat trailer and in the one above stand in Dane's way, each of them working for the masked man seen in the story trailer who's responsible for kidnapping the singer. You'll also see some of the blending between CGI and live-action scenes in the story trailer with the fight scenes shifting back to the animation in the combat trailer.

"Unravelling within a single night, players take the role of deaf protagonist Dane as he fights his way through a 'soundless' world to discover the motives behind the kidnapping of a songstress from a mysterious masked man," a preview for the game read. "Embark on an adrenaline-fueled motion picture like experience which can be completed in one sitting."

The game will be made available through Steam as well as through the PlayStation Store where it'll be a digital-only title that's currently priced at $14.99, according to the Square Enix Store. Square Enix has a site dedicated to the game with one letter from the producer shared back in July, so expect more updates to be shared there in the future.