Anya Chalotra On If The Witcher Becomes As Big As Game of Thrones

Netflix's The Witcher has sometimes been unofficially pitched as the next Game of Thrones. If this happen, the lives of its stars will radically change, and for a cast that only features one established star -- Henry Cavill as Geralt -- the prospect of the series blowing up in a similar way to the HBO show is both fascinating and a but also very scary, at least for Anya Chalotra, the young actress portraying Yennefer. Chalotra is a terrific actress who's held roles in a few different TV series, but she's not a household name. Again though, that could change in the near-future.

When asked about this life-changing prospect, Chalotra provided a very honest answer, revealing that the fame and attention has already been overwhelming, and the show hasn't even released yet. For her, the idea of the show blowing up is scary, however, at the same time, when you meet and interact with the fans, you realize why you're doing it, and this brings some peace to the actresses' mind.

"That means my life would blow up as well, wouldn't it? Yeah. You know, I'm taking it moment to moment and this already has been very overwhelming," said Chalotra during an interview with Comicbook and when asked if she had thought about the showing blow up like Games of Thrones did.

The Witcher actress continued: "It's very scary. This today [press at San Diego Comic-Con] was scary. But then you meet the fans and you realize why you're doing it and suddenly you go 'ah, they're on your side.'"

Of course, it remains to be seen whether The Witcher fills the void Game of Thrones left behind. The IP sure has the potential, but that's a pretty daunting task for any show.


The Witcher is set to premier sometime later this year with an eight-episode first season. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of any official release date beyond sometime in late 2019, however, there have been reports suggesting the show will release sometime in December.

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